Studio M

Commercials / TV Shows / Documentary

Studio M is perfect for projects such as the recording of advertising campaigns that require a space to accommodate a larger number of clients including agency heads, producers, project directors, writers and brand managers. This well equipped studio space is here for all your sound editing, sound mixing and voice recording needs. Call our coordinator for more information on a tour or to make a booking.

Here are just a few of the projects that have been produced in this studio:

Project name Production compagny
Corps et Monde Anémone Movies
Réal dans mes Rénos Attraction Images
Pubs Cinéma Guzzo Productions Hot Spots
LOL (conception sonore) QuébéComm
Zooville B612 Communications
Les Vies de mon Père Big Deal Productions
Commercials de Bouclair Bob Communications et Bouclair
Et Si... Productions KOTV
Mlle à 40 Ans ORBI XXI
Opération Police Sovimage
DVD Philippe Laprise Productions F3
Légendes Urbaines Zone 3
Publicité ConsignAction S2B Communications
In Memoriam Sovimage
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