Studio A

Dubbing / Commercials / TV Shows

One of the first things you’ll notice about Studio A is its big size! Whether it’s for dubbing sessions, Foley, or group commercial recording, this big 20 square space can accommodate your needs. Our Rhythmo Band projector and all the latest in state of the art dubbing technology is at your service. With our high tech resources and experience sound engineers, you will have all the important elements you need for your important sound design projects.

Here are just a few of the projects that have been produced in this studio:

Project name Production compagny
Ça va chauffer Productions Kenya
Les desserts de Patrice Productions 350
Apollo dans l’frigo TC Média
Publicité Club Piscine DID Communications
Publicité de Lise Dion QuébéComm
Capsules Cirque du Soleil Jimmy Lee
Only in Montreal Whalley Abbey
Il pleut des hamburgers 2 Ciné Zone
Rapides et dangereux 6 Ciné Zone
Dragons : mythes ou réalité (Dubbing) Productions Thalie
On passe à l’histoire Zone 3
Les Mystères d’Alfred Muse Entertainment
Gawayn Muse Entertainment
LOL (Foley) Whalley Abbey
À la Distasio Zone 3
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